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One of the original and still most romantic safari destinations

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Often looked upon as the original destination for safari in Africa, Kenya honeymoons have long been a favourite for honeymooners looking for a bit of time in the bush and on the beach. Featuring some of the world’s best safari viewing along with some of the world’s most pristine white beaches, it is no wonder that a Kenya honeymoon rarely struggles to deliver what romantic couples are looking for. With new connections to the idyllic islands of the Seychelles, Mauritius and Zanzibar the range of choices and prices could not be better.

In this section of the site we have endeavoured to explore all of the relevant elements of your Kenya honeymoon, from the time of year to travel, the amount of money that you need to consider, what to take with you and where to head for in the country. For more information on the other destinations that can be paired with Kenya please take a look at our Country Combinations section.

The little extras!

We have been tailor-making luxury Kenya honeymoons for over a decade and so can draw on a wealth of experience in making sure that you are staying in the right property and having the best time possible. With this experience and relationship with the properties, we always offer the preferred rooms as well as a few little extras along the way that make things just that more memorable! We always recommend a quick chat over the phone (or a private presentation in our offices) to get a feel for what you are after so please click here if you would like to send us an email to arrange a good time.

Kenya Honeymoon List

Many of our Kenya honeymoon clients would, of course, like their trip to be as memorable as they can possibly make it. We, of course, will endeavour to get you into the right properties, make use of the best deals and generally tailor things to suit your wish list but, at some point, budget also comes into play! With this in mind, we have partnered with a specialist honeymoon list company called "Buy Our Honeymoon". Unlike many of the honeymoon list companies out there, they work on a single payment process where you pay a one off set up fee of around £30 (discounted for our clients), you can have your own PayPal account for your guests to pay directly in to, and you will also have a fully functioning web page that guests can go to and see your itinerary along with buying any of the options through the site. For further information on this please ask your consultant.

Kenya Honeymoon Itineraries

Below we have selected a few of our most popular Kenya honeymoon packages at a range of prices to get you started! Just click on the name to see the itinerary in full. Short and Sweet! - a 10 night package to the Masai Mara and on to the Kenya coast for some time to relax. Ideal throughout the year. Read more Plateaus and Plains - A great itinerary that takes in the starbeds of Laikipia and the sweeping plains of the Mara. Read more Honemooners Delight - combining the Mara with Amboseli and the beach, this is one of our best selling honeymoon itineraries! Read more Go On, it will be worth it! - a superb itinerary that takes in two of our favourite parks in Kenya. Read more We strongly recommend the best starting point is a quick chat on the phone at some point so we can really get started in putting together your ideal trip! Give us a call or send us an email to get the ball rolling!

Time of year...

For the safari portion of the itinerary a lot depends on your reasons for heading to Kenya. If it is for the wildebeest migration herds then the Masai Mara National Reserve and the Greater Mara are best visited in the dry season months between June and November.

However, as is discussed in our guide to the country, the migration herds and the Masai Mara are certainly not the only reason to head to Kenya for a safari and so it is also worth considering throughout the year for better prices and a range of different experiences in parks such as Amboseli, the Laikipia Plateau, Samburu and, of course, the Masai Mara, which retains most of the good game throughout the year.

How long on safari...

Always one of the biggest questions, next to how to get to Kenya, as this is also one of the two elements that cost the most money. Most of our itineraries will feature a minimum of 3 nights in the Masai Mara and from there it is a matter of how long is a piece of string? With such a wide variety of “other” activities, you could argue that destinations like the Laikipia Plateau and the many private conservancies in Kenya are not true safari experiences, but more about the activities such as walking, riding, cultural interaction, etc. that are possible in each.

Traditionally, if you are after a full safari itinerary we would recommend a combination of the Mara and somewhere quieter such as Amboseli or Samburu or even one of the properties around the Laikipia Plateau for around 6 nights in total.

As mentioned above, the best thing to do is for us to have a bit of a chat through this part of the trip in order to see what might work best.

The budget...

Certainly the trickiest topic of all in the planning process, it need not necessarily be as painful as you may have thought! With all of the various rumours and happenings in the world of late, Kenya represents one of the best value options in Africa for a honeymoon with plenty of special offers both during the main seasons and out of season.

We offer a price guarantee on all of our trips that mean you will definitely be paying less using us than by booking everything directly with the properties yourself and, as an industry leader, we also guarantee that we will match any like for like quote that we receive.

To get you started, please have a look at a few of our more popular itineraries following:

Take a look at: Itineraries

Where to stay...

Again, something that is very much affected by many of the issues mentioned above, there are plenty of properties that suit a Kenya honeymoon. In the main, the sort of property that we recommend will be intimate, small and able to go the extra mile for clients on their honeymoon. These need not be, however, all that expensive and, with the many offers available, there is normally an itinerary and a combination of properties that suits everyone.

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