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Safari Itineraries
Safari Itineraries
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The Kenya Specialists™ have been tailoring itineraries for clients for over a decade now, we have noticed that there are many approaches taken by travel companies and by clients alike. Many companies have gone down the line of trying to offer every option to clients, be they good or bad, and letting the client decide as to which they like. Other companies only offer set itineraries…but where is the tailor-made element in this…you are, after all, paying a large amount of money and so you don’t want to be doing something that everyone else has just done!? The below are a few examples of your luxury African holiday.

Our approach is very much a mix of the two styles. Many clients come to us having done plenty of research for themselves and so have a good idea of the length and logistics of an itinerary and are just looking for hotel recommendations. Others have absolutely no idea and so put themselves totally in our hands.

Either of these approaches works well and, having stayed in all of the hotels that we recommend, and having worked out the logistics of traveling in such a vast country, we are ideally placed to help with the decision making process from start to finish.

In the following pages we have put together a selection of itineraries that we have, over the years, found to be amongst the best, both from a time and from a value perspective. With so many different options and activities, they are, by no means the definitive list!!

The best recommendation we can make is to take a look through and get a feel for the sort of budget and the sorts of locations you like and then give us a call and we will tailor the rest to you....exactly!

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