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Kenya Safaris
Masai Mara.
Kenya safari - Masai Mara

As the founding father of African safari, Kenya still features many of the draws that brought the Victorian travellers to its shores; exceptional wildlife, superb guiding and service, multiple activities and seclusion (in parts!). While it is true that the country went through a period of trying to cram as many visitors into the national parks as possible, the Kenya safari experience of today is a much quieter and more refined experience with excellent logistics and properties to choose from.

In this section we have tried to run through the highs and lows of a safari to Kenya with a brief look into each of the main national parks and the reasons to head to each. As for what to do in each of the destinations and the country as a whole please take a look at our what to do section which should give you a few ideas!

Masai Mara National Reserve and Greater Mara Concessions

Certainly the jewel in the crown of Kenya’s safari destinations, the Masai Mara (the most commonly used phrase when referring to the National Reserve and the Greater Mara concessions) offers, on its day, the best safari viewing in Africa! Think wildebeest jumping across turbid waters while crocodiles snap away or lionesses in full hunt across the plains. With a wide variety of properties to choose from these days, both inside of the National Reserve or out in the surrounding, more private concessions, there is a good deal of choice. In the main, we tend to opt for the relative privacy of the concessions rather than being right in the thick of it (but with the resulting tourist numbers) but with places like Governors’ having game on the doorstep, there are still some amazing options to choose from. Click for more... Take a look at: Governors Main Camp, Rekero, Kicheche Mara Camp, Richard’s Camp, Elephant Pepper

Amboseli National Park

If you are after the “famous” view of elephants wandering past Mount Kilimanjaro, then this is the place to come! Located right on the border of Kenya and Tanzania, this stunning little park is definitely a firm favourite of ours and somewhere that is often included on a safari itinerary for a few nights. Originally made famous by the elephant exploits of Cynthia Moss in the early 70’s the park is still a really great destination to come for the large elephant populations that live here but it also has plenty to offer for those looking for a more diverse and quieter safari experience to the better known Masai Mara. Click for more…

Our favourite camps in Amboseli National Park

Tortilis Tented Camp, Porini Camp

Laikipia Plateau

Located to the north of Nairobi, this area was once the main ranch region of Kenya and contained a series of small holdings with cattle and other domesticated animals on them. Over the years, however, it was realised that both the financial and the conservational benefits it turning the land back to safari activities and animals was better. The Laikipia of today has become a play ground for safari goers where it is possible to see specialist species such as Grevy’s zebra and sitatunga, ride on camels and sleep under the stars! Combined easily with the Masai Mara and the coast, we send plenty of clients to this excellent region. Click for more…

Our favourite camps in the Laikipia Plateau

Loisaba Starbeds, Ol Malo, Sosian, Sabuk

Northern Border Parks

Still one of the last frontiers in Kenya, this region, including Samburu National Park, Buffalo Springs National Reserve and the sublime Shaba National Reserve, is a superb destination for those who are still after some good game viewing without the crowds of the Mara. As one of the traditional regions for the Samburu (a nomadic offshoot of the Maasai tribe, meaning “butterfly” in the Maa language) there is also a chance to visit their singing wells or a local village to experience their symbiotic lifestyle. Currently the best of the parks up here is Samburu which is fringed by the Kalama conservancy which offers a more private experience of the park. Otherwise, Shaba is also one of our personal favourites and the exceptional Joy’s Camp. Click for more…

Our favourite camps in Sambutu National Reserve

Saruni Samburu, Elephant Bedroom

The Great Lakes

The final major destination in Kenya is, of course, the great lakes of the Rift Valley that runs north to south through the western side of Kenya. The two main lakes (along with a few others, such as Turkana and Baringo) are truly a great destination to consider for those that are wanting a bit of down time. The game viewing, on the whole, is more about lakeside species such as flamingoes and hippo, but the properties are normal idyllic and relaxed. If you are really wanting to splash out and see something truly exceptional then we have, over the years, arranged a few helicopter tours of Turkana and the very north of Kenya which is definitely something that won’t be repeated! Click for more...

Our favourite lodge in the Great Lakes

Loldia House

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