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Kenya Family Safaris

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Family safari - Amboseli
Family holiday - Samburu
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As a safari country that offers not only safari but also a whole array of different activities and options, it is no surprise that one of the main reasons that people travel to Kenya is for a family holiday. With a wide range of private cottages, villas and houses both for the safari and the beach, it is possible to prepare an excellent trip that allows you to have the place to yourself for most of the trip. Below we have run through a few of the destinations in the country and properties that work well for Kenya family safaris.

0 to 7 year olds on safari

Unlike many of the other safari countries in Africa, Kenya is pretty unique in that it offers a truly great safari experience for young children due to the many activities and properties that cater for families. The only real drawback with Kenya is that it is still in the malarial belt of Africa which needs medical consideration but we regularly have young children on our safaris.

Masai Mara National Reserve and Greater Mara Concessions

Far and away the most frequented destination for a Kenya family safari, the Masai Mara National Reserve and the Greater Mara Concession have long adapted to cater to family bookings with private houses such as the Mara Bush Houses, offering a truly private and tailormade experience of the bush. Often included in the stay is a visit to one of the many schools and villages that exist in the Great Mara Concession lands. For those that are wanting to be in the mix a little more as far as the game viewing is concerned then we would also strongly recommend one of the properties in the Mara Reserve. The facilities for the properties tend to be a little more restricted, but the animals and experiences that are on the doorstep more than make up for this in our opinion! Take a look at: Governors’ Main, Rekero

Laikipia Plateau

Another of the more popular destinations in Kenya for a family safari, the private concessions of the Laikipia Plateau are a haven for those looking to combine some safari with some activities with many of the properties featuring alternative activities such as riding camels, walking with Samburu, sleeping under the stars to name but a few. A couple of our favourite concessions for families include the quirky Sabuk and the characterful Sosian ranch where it is possible to float down the river, ride a camel or explore the ranch and the nearby waterfall. Take a look at: Sosian Ranch, Sabuk, Loisaba Starbeds, Ol Malo House

The Great Lakes

Similar to Laikipia, the great lakes of Naivasha and Nakuru are ideal destinations for families that are looking for a little more than a simple safari. With many of the better properties in the region converted family homes in their own right, these secluded locations allow plenty of variety with hiking, golfing and school visits amongst other activities that are on offer. Take a look at:Loldia House

Recommended locations for Family Safaris: