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Over the years, Kenya has become one of the favourite destinations when it comes to activities on safari. With options of horse riding, camel riding, mountain biking, hiking, tubing, cultural visits, wildlife tracking and many more, the modern safaris has come a long way from a standard game drive. These activities are offered in a few destinations across Kenya and have proven particular popular for families and active travellers!

The Laikipia Plateau

Sat in Central Kenya, the Laikipia Plateau is the destination immediately associated with activities. With properties spread out along the vast Rift Valley, each camp has the space and facilities to offer such exciting activities, and most are included in the price! Whilst it’s possible to see game during some of these activities, such as horse riding, camel riding and guided bush walks, the main emphasis on the activities is to enjoy the stunning surroundings and landscape. We have a few favourite camps in the Laikipia Plateau when it comes to activities! Ol Malo is one of them, who not only offer a wealth of family-friendly activities, but to top it off, host and guide the majority of activities themselves! Sosian is another of our favourites, who are one of the best when it comes to horse riding. They also focus heavily on family and children, with cattle ranching and horse riding lessons available in the lodge grounds.

Our favourite lodges for adventure holidays in the Laikipia Plateau

Ol Malo, Sosian, Loisaba Starbeds, Sabuk, Loisaba Tented Camp

The Greater Mara Conservancies

Sat just outside of the national reserve are a collection of camps that make up the Greater Mara Conservancies. These conservancies not only provide game-filled plains, but also allow activities that camps inside the reserve do not (who are limited to game drives only). For example, night drives, guided bush walks, cultural visits, bush breakfasts and visits to rhino sanctuaries are on offer, which can be done at any time during your stay in the camp. One of our favourites is Richard’s River Camp, located in the northern conservancy. Here, the camp gets just as much game as a camp inside the reserve but without the crowds that the Mara Reserve can attract. Richard’s camp offers all of the above activities, as well as day trips to Lake Victoria, hot air balloon rides over the Mara, and visits to the elephant project that it has recently become involved in.

Our favourite camps for adventure holidays in the Masai Mara Conservancies

Kichwa Tembo, Elephant Pepper Camp, Cottar's 1920s Camp, Richard's River Camp, Saruni Mara

Samburu National Reserve

Located in central Kenya, Samburu National Reserve is very popular for its reliable and dense game viewing but more recently, has become a destination attracting those a little more active and adventurous. The camps inside the reserve are limited to game drives and guided bush walks, but those sat outside of the gates, either close by or further away in the greater conservancies, can offer an array of activities. Our favourite activity-filled lodges are Sasaab and Saruni Samburu. Sasaab is a very luxurious lodge that sits outside of the western gate of the reserve. Here, the emphasis is on relaxing, taking in the jaw-dropping views of the Ewaso Nyiro River from your private plunge pool, appreciating every second of silence. Our other favourite is Saruni Samburu, who have a strong focus on the cultural interactions with the local Samburu people. They offer trekking excursions, local cave visits full of historical rock art and warrior academy for the kids! 

Our favourite camps for adventure holidays in Samburu National Reserve

Elephant Bedroom Camp, Sasaab, and Saruni Samburu.

Chyulu Hills

Between Amboseli and Tsavo National Parks, sits a private ranch of untouched landscape. Our favourite lodge is Ol Donyo lodge and as it sits on private land, it is able to offer a wealth of activities for its guests. The surrounding game-filled plains can be seen on day and night game drives, guided bush walks, horse riding, hiking, mountain biking and fly camping. Additionally, guests can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the Kenyan plains by sleeping in an open air hide or private ‘star beds’ on their villa rooftop.

Our favourite lodge for adventure holidays in Chyulu Hills

Ol Donyo Lodge.

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