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The Short History of Me: 

As a former geography graduate, the world has always been my main focus and interest. A couple of years ago, I bought a one-way ticket to Asia and never looked back. I taught English in Cambodia for a couple of months and headed to untouched areas of Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia and Japan. In spring, I made my way to the continent of my dreams, and it was a real bonus that my parents were living out in Tanzania at the time… free accommodation! I spent the following two months volunteering in schools and conservation work in Zanzibar, diving the Indian Ocean waters and being stuck in Dar es Salaam traffic. After this, I began my overlanding adventure from Kenya down to South Africa, travelling, cooking, camping and flapping plates dry through 7 countries. I loved every single minute of it… even the 4am starts, breaking down in the middle of the Namibian salt pans and my first jump out of a plane. Like the majority of people who have travelled Africa, I fell in love with its people, animals and its ever-changing landscapes. Since working at The Africa Specialists, my knowledge of East Africa, the camps and the properties has grown enormously and I hope my passion has, and continues to pass on to everyone that I speak to!


Where was your last trip?

Cuba - absolutely adored it!

Where is your next trip?

Tanzania in November

What is the one thing you have to take with you on every trip?

Probably a journal or a good book.

What’s your favourite camp/hotel?

I’m a huge fan of Loisaba Starbeds in Kenya. What’s better than sleeping under the stars?!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten on your travels?

Fried tarantula in Thailand... Would definitely give it a miss the second time around.

Favourite animal?

I'm fascinated by the African wild dog although I've only ever seen them once in the Selous from a great distance.

What is the best bit of travel advise you can give to first time safari-ers/ travellers?

Take a step back from your camera now and again and just enjoy what you can see with your own eyes. A safari without a camera is risky but it is truly a different experience.

What’s your sundowner choice?

G&T, all day every day!

Favourite activity to do on a trip?

If I get a chance, then scuba diving definitely. On safari, probably an early morning game drive to watch the sunrise with a blanket and a cup of coffee although I love the boat safaris in the Selous.

Which destination is on the top of your bucket list?

Brazil. Looks like an incredible country but I've always had a desire to go to South America.

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